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Hello, I've been a brony for a little over a year now, but I've been very insecure about it and it bothers me so much. I only have 2 brony friends, yet I still have so much trouble talking to them about it.. I love the show so dearly and I really want to express it with others like me. What do I do?

There are plentiful ways to express it, The Bronies community can be found on many social platforms like Facebook with their Facebook pages and group and Reddit with their large MLP sub-reddits.
However we’re not all based on the internet all the time, many Bronies sometimes goes on continental forum made for Bronies around that specific country, state or county (or Facebook groups) and find meets around them to get to know each other in real life or to make new friends.
You never know who you meet, maybe you might make some new friends.

But that’s the social aspect of the Bronies Community only, people like to express themselves by making fan art or music and/or sometimes hand-made merchandise to sell or to give people.

Hope this helps!

How do you know when you have to many ponies?

You just don’t…

Who is best pony?

Everypony is best, as everypony has different opinions and likes so we can’t judge by one pony

Think Twilight learned anything today?

Sadly I dont know… Sorry

Wait how can a community be open to questions? *head explodes*

*explodes too*

How did you reacted to My Little Dashie?

It’s the best ever fanfic I’ve ever reed!


It’s been ages since we posted something, We are still open from question and we’ll try to answer as many as we can!



We are open for questions!


Generic greetings to you all, Speech Bubble here cooped up inside over my laptop instead of enjoying the magical wonders of outside … wait, it’s cold out there. If only there were some way to make me feel all warm and gooey inside that didn’t involve setting the house on fire. EGADS! I have…

Another fanfic from MLZ SIM

Sorry, we had a little set back on our Tumblr, it’s fixed now however I was able to get back few questions…

Sorry, we had a little set back on our Tumblr, it’s fixed now however I was able to get back few questions…